University of Phoenix Loan Forgiveness

Want to know how the student loan forgiveness university of phoenix works and whether or not you qualify for it? In this guide, I will walk you through each and every detail of the program in this University of Phoenix Loan Forgiveness guide.

The University of Phoenix is a for-profit private learning institution located in Phoenix, Arizona. While the university is known for its ‘Accessible to all’ principle, recently it has turned many heads due to a lengthy court case which we will discuss further. 

I will also talk about the background story of the court case, the grounds on which the university lost it, and what is UOP loan forgiveness.

University of Phoenix: A Short History

The university was established way back in 1976 by John Sperling as a private institution. The idea behind setting up an institution was to make higher education more accessible to working-class students. Initially, only 23 or higher age students, who had some work experience and a respectable college credit could enroll. But when the founders saw that only 8 students registered themselves in the first year, they became a bit lenient with the admission rules anyone with a high school diploma or higher was allowed to attend the school. 

After 3 years from what was a shaky start, the university started to stretch its legs and opened a few campuses including the one in San Jose, California. But the real breakthrough came in the year 1989 when the university started online courses that eventually would become the focal point of the institution. 

By this time, there was a small but steady growth in terms of the number of students attending the programs. But since 1994, the university saw record enrollments, and by the fall of 2000, total enrolments crossed the magical mark of 100K. 

By this time, the university earned a lot of recognition and reputation and became one of the most profitable universities in the history of the US. In the year 1998, the institution was granted permission to award certified bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees in business, health, education, and science. 

University of Phoenix Loan Forgiveness

Before we jump into the details of the university of phoenix student loan forgiveness, let’s try to understand a bit of the background story. 

After nearly one and a half decades of success, the UOP started to see a slight decline in the number of enrollments. But, a bigger blow was waiting for them. The government of the US which was monitoring the University’s marketing and funds closely for a long time, filed a court case against it for unlawful practices to earn money. 

More inquiries were made by the Federal Trade Commission as the university kept witnessing a sharp fall in the number of enrollments. At the end of 2019, the university was found guilty of flouting several trade rules for personal profits. By that time, the university had shrunken into less than 100 campuses. 

As a result of the court’s orders, the university was ordered to pay a $50 million penalty along with the cancellation of more than $140 million worth of student loans. As the university started to close its remaining campuses, the Department of Education started UOP loan forgiveness program to cancel or forgive the loans of students. 

How to Get Your Loan Cancelled through the University of Phoenix Borrower Defense Law

The idea behind UOP loan forgiveness was to cancel the education loans that students took to attend the Phonenix university while it was closed. However, you need to prove that you were an active student at the time and that the university committed fraud against you. 

However, not everyone is happy about this initiative of DOE as some think that the eligibility criteria for the university of phoenix loan forgiveness program were extremely harsh and unfair. However, you can always turn toward BDAR and get the necessary help to get your loan waived.

Here are the eligibility criteria as of now:

  • You were attending the institution at the time it was closed.
  • You were an active student for at least 120 days after 20-06-2014.
  • If for some reason, you withdrew from the classes during this time, you still can get approval. 

According to the rules, all students who feel cheated, can file for a BDAR claim and ask for a full loan waiver. All you have to do is write a BDAR application and mention how you were misled and promised a bunch of things that you never got. 

A few examples are:

  • The university gave you false information regarding job placement opportunities.
  • The University hid the original graduation rates.
  • The University lied about other statistical details
  • You were assured that higher and more expensive educational programs are the best.

Include whatever information you feel is necessary and write a proper BDAR application and submit it to the nearest concerned office. Once your application is approved by the Department of Education, according to the student loan forgiveness university of phoenix, you will be entitled to a full loan relaxation. 

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